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How To Use an M4 Smart Bracelet?

How To Use an M4 Smart Bracelet?

10 Sep 2021

How To Use an M4 Smart Bracelet?

Are you tired of keeping your phone in your hand all the time? But it is essential so you can’t leave it on the couch while you go for a morning walk? But do you want to keep track of your fitness and health at the same time? Why don’t you set a reminder for your calls and messages on a wristwatch? Sounds funny? Wait until I show you how that would be possible! Here’s the ultimate guide to an M4 Smart Bracelet!

What is the M4 Smart Bracelet?

This a wearable gadget you wear as a wristband or a watch that keeps track of your data and information. It guides you to a healthy lifestyle, holds a record of your blood pressure and heart rate, it enables you to work your smartphones easier without having a smartphone in your hand!

Why do you need an M4 Smart Band in your life?

Imagine running down the streets holding a phone in one hand and a bottle of water in the other hand, and suddenly you collapse and break your such an expensive phone and lose track of how many calories you have burnt till now. Why would you want that? Why would anyone want that? Well, you need this Band more than anyone else in the room! Don’t you?

Before discussing how you use this smart Band, isn’t it okay if we talk about some salient features of this M4 smart Band? So let’s get into a little description.


So let’s talk about a wristband that keeps reminding you if you have any new text messages or a phone call notification, so you don’t miss out on important things.


It is getting hard day by day to keep track of your health because we are busy and don’t have time to go to a doctor and check if the blood pressure/blood oxygen is good. This bracelet keeps track of your health condition.


It monitors your heart rate in real-time. It doesn’t matter where you are; you will get your heart rate measured at one click!


A good phone is nothing without a good camera. Right? So how can we forget that a smart band is nothing if you can not connect it to the camera? Just pair a good cell phone with your Band, and you are good to go!

Bonus Features

  • Bonus Features
  • It monitors your sleep too.
  • How many steps you have walked?
  • From how long you have been inactive.
  • Remote control in a bracelet.
  • Alarm to wake you up on time.

Isn’t it incredible that a bracelet can contain your whole cell phone data in it with just a few simple steps? What steps? Now it’s time to let you know how you are going to use the M4 Smart bracelet!

  • Step 1 Download the App
  • First off, you need to download the “LEFUN HEALTH” from the play store for Android users and the Apple store for IOS users.
  • Step 2 Bind the App
  • Turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Long press the function key to boot up the M4 Band.
  • Open the App on your phone and click the menu bar on the top left corner.
  • Click the device name.
  • Choose MAC IMEI that matches your Band.
  • Tada! You are good to go!

Are you still thinking?

Are you still thinking if you need this Band or not? It would help if you didn’t wait anymore. Order this M4 smart Bracelet right away right now! From where? Well, why don’t you check out some of storeone. Pk’s convenient deals. Oh, and one last thing. They are delivering it free in the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and many more. Don’t waste your time, and get yourself an M4 Smart Bracelet! Fun!

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