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Importance of Electronic Devices in our daily life

Importance of Electronic Devices in our daily life

10 Sep 2021

What is an Electronic Device And Why Is It Becoming a Habit?

Components that control the flow of electrons for information processing and system control are what we call electronic device. The world is moving so fast and so is technology. Almost every day we see a new device with the sole purpose of making our life easier and easier. The use of these electronic devices has become a routine and the Importance of Electronic Devices become increase day by day, we can’t imagine a day without them. From a phone to a washing machine. It is becoming a habit. Look around and you will find every corner with an electric device. The reason we are getting so used to it is simple, it is easier and it takes no time to get the work done.

What Are Consumer Electronics?

Electronic devices or equipment we use typically in our homes daily are consumer electronics. Such as television, cell phones, vacuum, washing machine, wearables, kitchen appliances, computers, iPad stand, monitors, office gadgets, and much more.Storeone provides the Best Electronic Accessories in Pakistan.

Are We Dependent On Electronic Devices?

Isn’t it too late to ask if we are dependent on electronic devices or not? Well, the answer is, it doesn’t matter as long as it is helpful. To be more precise, it becomes a lifestyle and it is hard to live without these facilities. Though there are still some people in the world who are independent when it comes to technology and by that means, they don’t rely on electronics for their daily life routine. They live a simple life somewhere in between this fast-evolving world. But that doesn’t mean that technology is a bad thing. Everything has its impact. In the world, we live in, technology is its need. How? Because we need electronics in our homes, offices, and most importantly in hospitals.

What Is The Importance Of Electronic Devices In Our Life?

Talking about the importance of electronic devices in our lives. We need to know about the main electronic devices we use in our daily lives. The first one on the list is a cell phone. Have you ever imagined your day without a phone in your hand? Sometimes we have the most important data stored in our phones. And we can’t risk losing it.

Now laptops. We spend half of the day in front of a laptop, not just in offices, even if you are working from home, you spend your time in front of a computer screen.

What About a Refrigerator And a Deep Freezer? Or a Water Dispenser?  

An air conditioner is one of them too. Cause if you live in a hot place then it’s a must to survive the heatstroke.

  • Vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess your kids created.

These are just some of the consumer devices we use in our personal space. Which makes our life easy and convenient? Back in the day, it was not this easy. Plus, it saves so much time. Now talk about the benefits. It has made communication faster and easier and as we all know in ancient times; it would have taken weeks or even months to deliver a simple message to someone but today it’s just so easy.

? In terms of knowledge, these devices are pure help. You need to learn something sitting in your home just enroll online in that course and *bam* you are good to go. Or you can easily go through the internet for all your queries but keep that in mind “everything on the internet is not true”.

? From black and white television to colorful LCDs and LEDs. Technology introduced a colorful era.

? Some countries of the world are so well developed that they don’t even need these devices. They have created their robots to do the work and this is how much the world has been addicted to technology and electronic devices created from technology.

How Much Time Should One Spend On a Cell Phone Or Laptop?

We don’t pay much attention to this side of the technology but research says; “people spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone”.

Have you ever wondered if that’s healthy or not? Well according to another research some medical professionals and parents showed their concern about excessive usage of smartphones in children and teens. They have concerns about their mental and physical health, altered brain chemistry, self-esteem issues, insomnia, and last but not least, vision problems. Now the question is, is there any correct time to use a smartphone?

Can We Spend a Day Without a Smartphone?

It doesn’t seem a big deal though. Anyone can do that easily. Technology and Electronic Accessories made our lives easier than before and yet we are still struggling with our mental health issues due to the excessive usage of these devices. Wouldn’t it be okay if we at least try to keep ourselves away from smartphones for a day and see if it can make any difference? 

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