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Most Common Kitchen Appliances Everyone Should Have! 

Most Common Kitchen Appliances Everyone Should Have! 

15 Sep 2021

Most Common Kitchen Appliances Everyone Should Have! 

Being someone who spends half of the time in the kitchen, I never knew what the most common kitchen accessories I or everyone should have. We use the kitchen but we never notice if the tools, gadgets, and kitchen appliances we have are enough or not!


What will you know about this blog?

In this blog, I am going to tell you about some of the most common kitchen appliances we are missing in our kitchen! However, cooking is the most interesting thing but sometimes it becomes a headache when you don’t have basic and most important kitchen appliances!


If you have a checklist of basic and common kitchen appliances, you may suffer less while preparing a memorable dinner for your family. As we all know that appliances are invented just so we can relax for a while. Be it any gadget or tool. These kitchen appliances or normal gadgets save so much time.


I know many people who actually enjoy cooking and I am one of them but when it comes to gadgets and appliances, I often get demotivated due to the lack of knowledge about some most common and basic kitchen appliances. Therefore, I am here. The sole purpose of this blog is to let you know about basic things you need in your kitchen and what are the uses of those things. From a chopping board to a grill. Everything is important while cooking so make sure and check your list along with me!


Where to buy kitchen appliances?

Before we get into the details of these kitchen appliances, there is an important question that should be answered! Where can you get good quality appliances and is online shopping a good thing if you want to purchase kitchen gadgets or appliances?


Is online shopping good?

To my knowledge, online shopping is not that bad. I know sometimes people get scammed and frauds happen so often that people tend to not trust online websites for shopping. I would suggest you do some research before buying anything online! That’s the only way you are less likely to get scammed!


I personally like to shop online from storeone. It is one of the most authentic and leading online stores that offer its services almost nationwide. It has a wide variety of different appliances such as automotive, kitchen accessories, home decorative, laptop accessories, smartphone accessories, and much more! One should always pay close attention to details while shopping online!


Kitchen knives

Let’s move on to some of the basic kitchen appliances that everyone should have! First on the list is kitchen knives! I might have mentioned this before but let me tell you again that you should never use the same knife for different purposes! There is a reason why we have a wide variety of kitchen knives. Every knife has its own purpose! So when you make a list of basic kitchen appliances, write it at the top! Because without knives you can not start cooking!


Food processor

It's better to have kitchen knives but for instance, if you don’t have proper knives, you can use a food processor too. The good thing about a food processor is that you can save time with it. It helps you in chopping, blending, and even making doughs. A good quality food processor is a multipurpose kitchen appliance and if you have it in your kitchen, you don’t have to be worried about most things.



Moving onto another important and basic kitchen appliance known as a microwave! We get so surprised if someone does not have this in their kitchen. It's okay. Many people don’t have stoves, does that make any difference? Whether it's a stove or a microwave both are essentials. Microwaves come in handy if you want to heat up your food instantly, therefore you should have it in your kitchen appliances!


Pressure cooker

However, people have stopped using pressure cookers but I want to throw some light on it that a pressure cooker is the most basic thing everyone should have in their kitchen because sometimes you don’t have much time to prepare food that’s why you need a pressure cooker that helps you to cook pulses instantly and easily! Many of you might not be familiar with this but I am! Trust me. It’s one of the most important kitchen appliances!



Did I mention a juicer? If not then here it is! Did you ever crave a fresh juice but could not make it because you don’t have a juicer? Same! But not anymore. I mean, I don't even need to tell you how important and common this is to have in your kitchen! Always have a good quality juicer in your kitchen!


Electric kettle

An electric kettle is something we all wished to have when we craved tea so much! Therefore, don’t forget to add this one to the list of kitchen appliances because why not? An electric kettle is everything a person can have.



Let’s talk about toasters! Regardless of how important and common kitchen gadgets this is, still, many of us don’t have them. This is just to remind you that sometimes you have to make your life easier with these sorts of things. Because there are plenty of other things you can do if you spend your time wisely and don’t waste it trying to toast bread without a toaster!


Grinder and mixer

It’s true that a food processor is a multipurpose kitchen gadget but you should always have a separate grinder and mixer. Having it is as important as having a food processor. It saves you a lot of time and helps you. So when are you going to have it?


Some other kitchen appliances

Other than these common kitchen appliances I would also like to mention some other things too that includes;


  • Chopping board
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Kitchen towels
  • Instant non-stick pans
  • Organizers
  • Spoons and forks
  • Grills
  • Air fryers
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Peeler
  • Stand mixer
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