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Toy Guide For Your Infants And Toddlers!

Toy Guide For Your Infants And Toddlers!

10 Sep 2021

Hello, New moms! This guide is for you if you have a tough time choosing suitable toys for your infants and toddlers, as we all know that infants and toddlers are different and take time to develop. And it’s hard to find the perfect toys for infants and toddlers because you should be assured of your baby’s safety.

You can even create safe toys at home or playing material with the things available at home if you are concerned about your infant’s and toddlers’ safety. For example, you can use cardboards, plastic bottle caps, plastic bowls, or lids. These things are not harmful to your baby. But keep an eye on them too.

Why should you shop for your infants and toddlers?

While you shop for yourself online, always consider your infants and toddlers too. Try to buy something that helps them grow and makes them strong. Of course, these toys can vary from age to age. However, you should know what an infant needs and what can be playful to a toddler. Therefore I have decided to make a list of toys you should buy for your infants and toddlers.

What should you buy for your infants and toddlers?

You may know how to choose toys for your infants and toddlers if you are not a new mom but some new moms out there always find it hard to figure out what’s suitable for their infants or toddlers, and this is why I wanted to make this list.

Everything I’m going to mention in this list is pretty affordable and safe for your infants and toddlers if you choose them according to the age group. So without wasting any further time, let’s dive into it.

Difference between infants and toddlers!

Young infants

First of all, keep in mind that a baby from birth to six months is considered a young infant, and these infants are fragile. They like bright colors react to voices. Therefore you should choose something fascinating for them, including toys that create music, large rings, bright colors, teething toys, and more!

Older infants

Then comes 7 to 12 months older infants. They try to speak, listen, sit, crawl, and stand. And at this age, they can recognize their name and other common words too. So what should you buy for older infants? You can bring them soft toys, puppets, dolls, plastic vehicles, nesting toys, blocks, or cubes so they can get creative.

One year old

Then comes babies of one year old. Now your baby can walk, speak a little, understand everything you say or do. At this age, kids start learning, and they try to copy you too. It is an excellent time to read them stories, get them board books, teach them poems, and more. Other than this, you can buy crayons, markers, colored pencils, and writing boards for them. Let them draw, sketch, or create whatever they want to do.


Let’s talk about toddlers that come under two years of age. They learn things pretty rapidly. They know if something is harmful to them; at this age, toddlers start to learn languages. Toddlers start jumping, climbing, rolling, and much more. They love to play physical games and mind games, so it would be great if you build them small castles within your house or get them puzzles to solve. You have many options for toddlers, unlike infants, because you can buy kitchen sets for them, many different accessories, blocks, train sets. Sky’s the limit!

Also, toddlers love experiments, so be ready for that. They will break toys, mess up their rooms, and create some abstract art on your walls. It will get tiring but trust me, let them be creative because a toddler knows what he wants to do, and he will do it regardless of anything you say.

What to keep in mind regarding infants and toddlers?

You should also keep in mind that you have to teach your infants and toddlers manners and etiquette from the very beginning because once they develop a particular habit, then there is no going back. And it’s better to be careful than to regret later.

Infants and toddlers are hard to handle, but once you master the art of managing them, you can teach them whatever is right for them. Because after one or two years, these kids have joined preschool or kindergarten, and then their actual learning will begin, but if you taught your infants and toddlers well, you don’t have to worry about their schooling because they are bright and already know enough.

These are the toys you should get your infants and toddlers. Not a single thing is harmful on this list if you are careful enough. Buying your infants and toddlers better toys doesn’t mean you should stop interacting with them due to lack of time because that would be rude. One should never neglect her infants or toddlers because apart from every toy you buy for them, your attention and time are what matters the most!

Don’t forget the preschoolers and kindergarteners because they also need toys and attention because, at this age, they develop their habits, and they have a longer attention span than infants and toddlers. In addition, they ask a lot of questions and love to talk. So now you finally have a variety of options for toys. Just try to be wise with it.

Now many of you will be wondering where you can find all these toys under one roof. Well, you can find almost everything online in today’s time because pretty much everyone is into online shopping even if they want to shop for groceries or automotive, electronics, household items, or anything. Gone are the times when people used online shopping for clothes. Now everything is just a click away, including infants’ and toddlers’ toys or accessories. But, then, online shopping made it easy for everyone so you don’t have to be worried about it anymore!

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