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Travel Accessories And The Best Tourism Spots In Pakistan

Travel Accessories And The Best Tourism Spots In Pakistan

10 Sep 2021

Keep up with us till the end of this blog, and we will tell you what you should add to your bucket list, from Travel Accessories to the best tourism spots in Pakistan!

 Should we talk about Travel Accessories first or take you on a virtual trip to see Pakistan’s unseen beauty and hidden treasures? How about if we keep it all together?

Travel Accessories you need at Gorakh Hills, Sindh.

Let’s start with the “Murree of Karachi”. Are you surprised? When I got to know about the Gorakh Hills, which is 94km away from Dadu city and a very well hidden treasure of Sindh!

So Which Travel Accessories are we going to need here?

It would be best if you had a backpack to carry throughout. For your essentials like Laptop (which I’d prefer to leave at home), Ipads, cellphones, your power bank, wireless chargers, Air Pods, and all those things you need easy access to because you can’t carry that massive luggage with you all the time.

 Store one has this perfect backpack for you. You can even keep your medicines and first aid kit in it. Made of durable waterproof polymer.

Travel Accessories for Kund Malir, Balochistan

Move on to our next destination in Balochistan. Since we all know that you can’t keep your kids away from beaches and we all know that you can’t keep children away from the sea for very long, wouldn’t it be great if you join them while diving deep into the beautiful beach of Kund Malir (with safety Measures obviously)!

Therefore, even if you are a great diver, your kid might need this Hydro Swim Sea Snorkel set in her Travel Accessories to enjoy what’s beneath! You can get this set from Store one at an affordable price. It has wide vision polycarbonate lenses with a double padded edge seal!

Bonus information about Kund Malir is that it is part of Hingol National Park. Which, by the way, is the largest national park in Pakistan.

It consists of mountains, forest, desert, oasis, and sea! Pretty much all in one. It is a good start. Isn’t it?

One of the most needed Travel Accessories to have at Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Punjab

Are you fond of culture and great architecture? Because we are en route to Lahore, Punjab, Which is rich in culture and ancient architecture. Although we put Badshahi Mosque on this list, we won’t mind if you take some time for a quick tour of the great monuments of Lahore, which includes Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore Forts, and many other renowned tombs and shrines.

You will need your camera here, but what if you don’t have a good camera? No worries, we have got something for you.

We have this fantastic 60x zooming mobile lens telescope for you. Less costly than an actual camera!

Faisal Mosque, Islamabad with correct Travel Accessories

You can rest when you reach Islamabad, which is approximately 4hrs away from Lahore. And before leaving Islamabad, you should pay a visit to the Identity of this city. The great Faisal Mosque, of course! There is a reason why Islamabad is the 3rd most beautiful capital of the world.

Oh, by the way, just in case if you can’t carry a 60x lens telescope, you can get these 3x lenses for your phone too from Store one.

Travel Accessories in route to Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Move on to Hunza Valley, which is located in Azad Kashmir. 6hr and 59 mins drive from Islamabad. The temperature might get low due to high altitude.

Here you will need two utterly different Travel Accessories.

Well, firstly, get a breathable car neck pillow. Because why not? This distance is going to be tiring.

Secondly, a portable car fridge. Yes! How are you supposed to enjoy your trip with an empty stomach? And it’s better to have something healthy to eat with you. You can buy this portable car fridge which is 7.5 LTR, from Store one as well.

Must-have Travel Accessories in Skardu

 So at the distance of 569.2km. 14 hrs drive from Neelum Valley. We have this mesmerizing treasure of the northern areas of Pakistan. The pure epitome of beauty!! The center of Gilgit Baltistan, covered with the Karakoram Mountain range.

But you might need this Auto Car Heater because, as we know, the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature!

Travel Accessories you need at Fairy Meadows.

You are in Skardu, and you did not visit Fairy Meadows! How is that possible?

It is a 4 hrs drive from Skardu, which includes trekking too.

 If you are thinking of camping there and having a hard time finding a perfect sleeping bag, you can buy this inflatable bed with two inflatable pillows, which is an ideal replacement for a sleeping bag!

Did I tell you that you can have a view of Nanga Parbat from there? You are welcome!

Kalash Valley, Chitral, KPK

It is an 11hrs and 22 mins drive via fairy meadows road. Alongside Pak-Aghwan border. So what differentiates Kalashis from the rest of us? It’s their culture! You can see all the colors of life in this amazingly breathtaking valley in Chitral.

I’d need an extra bag visiting Kalash because I will get those traditional attires, jewelry, and much more. What about you?

Store one has this Folding Travel Organizer Luggage Bag, perfect for carrying all the extra luggage. One of the essential Travel Accessories.

Ansu Lake, KPK

So this is the last destination of your trip, located in the heart of Kaghan Valley, district Mansehra. Fourteen thousand feet above sea level. You can reach there after 9hrs trekking and the only essentials here you need are jackets and trek shoes. Best time to visit? During July and August, it starts to snow by the end of August, and you wouldn’t get to see the actual breathtaking view of this lake!

Shouldn’t you be packing your bags already?

Storeone provides the Best Online Shopping in Pakistan.

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