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What Kitchen Knives Do You Need?

What Kitchen Knives Do You Need?

15 Sep 2021

 What Kitchen Knives Do You Need?

We often don’t pay attention to the most essential kitchen item that especially includes kitchen knives. However, all the chefs and the cooks might know about specific knives and their uses but if you are not a cook or a chef then you should definitely stay with us till the end of this blog to know what kitchen knives you need, where to buy those kitchen Accessories and what are the uses of kitchen knives separately.


Different kitchen knives for different purposes

Have you ever thought that you might need different knives to slice a steak and chop vegetables? If you want to be successful in the kitchen, you know how to use different knives because, without the knowledge of kitchen essentials, you may fail at being a good chef in your home!


What kitchen knives a home cook needs?

However there are many knives out there but when it comes to home cooks, I guess every home cook should own these three to four knives I am going to mention in this blog. Honestly speaking, I did not know about different kinds of kitchen knives until I started watching master chef! Before that, I was just a regular cook who used the same knife to chop vegetables, slice steaks and bread, or even spread butter on bread. I know this might sound rude but I am just being honest that I never paid attention to kitchen knives!


Chef’s knife

Without any further delay, we should move onto our actual topic, and let’s inaugurate it with a chef's knife! Who is not familiar with chef’s knives? This is the most vital knife in your knife set because without a chef’s knife you can’t be a chef. Just kidding. But you can start with it though.


Structure and uses of a chef’s knife

This knife is versatile and the good thing about a chef’s knife is that you can use it for trimming, chopping, slicing, and pretty much everything! Now you might be thinking, why do we need other knives if a chef’s knife is multipurpose? Well then you don’t need different spoons too because every spoon does the same work but it's all about measurement!


If we talk about the structure of a chef’s knife, a typical chef’s knife blade is about 20 cm in length but some chefs prefer a longer blade than this. It does not affect the functionality of a knife.


Utility knife, structure, and uses

Moving on to a utility knife. You can call it a chef’s knife too but a smaller one! In addition to its structure, the blade of a utility knife is about 10 to 19 cm. You need this knife if you want fine work and perfect crafting. Due to its small size, this knife helps you to take great control of a small area. So if you want small cuts and ingestion you can use a utility knife!


Paring knife

Let’s talk about a paring knife. If you don’t have a chef’s knife, this knife comes in handy. But it's better to keep your collection up to date. If you are someone who pays attention to details, this knife is your thing.


Structure and uses of a paring knife

About its structure, it is a small knife as I mentioned above. Other than that 3 ½ long blades and perfectly fits in your hand too. You can use it to mince or slice your food or you can peel your fruits and vegetables with a paring knife too! You can also use it to make shapes and decorate your veggies and fruits.


Carving knife

Next in the list is a carving knife! As the name shows the main purpose of this knife is to carve meat especially a roasted chicken, this is a perfect knife and every home cook should have it on their list just in case if you are roasting a chicken for dinner.


Structure and uses of a carving knife

So basically the carving knife is a little longer as compared to a chef’s knife but it's far narrower than it. It has a razor sharp blade that allows it to produce friction on the meat so that you can carve it easily.


Bread knife

Remember when I said, I used to use the same knives for everything? Even for slicing bread? Someone might have heard it because next on the list is a bread knife! If you ever heard the term “serrated knife” then let me tell you it's just another name for a bread knife!


Structure and uses of a bread knife

A bread knife is typically used for slicing bread or pastries! It has a long and straight blade that allows it to slice bread precisely. An average length of a bread knife is about 6 inches and you can also use this knife on different waxy veggies and fruits to slice them up. And more importantly, if you want to cut layers of your cake you can use this knife too!


Boning knife, structure, and uses

Personally, I never knew about a boning knife but now I do! Therefore, I am going to tell you about this knife. The blade of a boning knife is best for cutting up fish, meat, or poultry of any size. However, you can’t cut through the bones with a boning knife but you can cut around bones. This knife can be pretty useful for a butcher but it doesn’t matter that you can’t have it in your collection. So kindly add it to the list!


Cleaver knife

Time to talk about the most common knife in Asian households. Cleaver! It has this solid, large and rectangular blade and you may see it in many asian kitchens, you can use it to cut hard materials without affecting the blade of this knife.


Other knives

There is a wide range of knives if you ask a professional chef because they know about kitchen knives more than any regular home cook. However, I can’t mention the details of a single kitchen knife but here are the names of those kitchen knives;


  • Forged knives
  • Stamped knives
  • Santoku or a Japanese chef’s knife
  • Filleting knife
  • Salmon knife
  • Nakiri knife
  • Peeling knife
  • Dinner knife
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