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Where To Buy A Phone Charger Near Me

Where To Buy A Phone Charger Near Me

10 Sep 2021

Where To Buy A Phone Charger Near Me? If I am not wrong, cell phones are our forever best friends because we spend most of our time with mobiles in our hands. From chit-chat to playing games, from ordering food to shopping, everything is done through cell phones. According to search engines, the purchase rate of cell phones is approximately equal to 1.4 billion. Storeone provides the best mobile accessories in Pakistan.

Cellphones are trendy because,

  • You can capture your favorite moments using the camera.
  • You can use it as your diary.
  • Cellphones are best for staying in touch with your friends and family.
  • We can play multiple games using cell phones.
  • Listen to our favorite music.

Having a cell phone using all the features can badly affect the battery of your cell phone.

Types Of Phone Charger

Different mobile phones use a different charger, but the mobile chargers are differentiated by following

  1. Type of Mobile (Android, iPhone)
  2. Charging port in the mobile phones.

The adaptors for every cellphone are approximately the same in features, but the thing which differentiates chargers are the portable charging cables that come with different types of ports, some of the most commonly used charging cables are listed below.

  • USB type A
  • USB micro B
  • USB mini B
  • USB type C
  • USB micro super speed

Fed Up of Recharging Your Mobile Phones

What is the first thing we do when we reach our home? If I am not wrong, the foremost thing we do when we reach our home at the end of the day is to recharge our phones. Don’t know why your cell battery life is being worse day by day? Are you fed up recharging your phone again and again? Then buying a compatible and powerful charger from storeone will solve this problem.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Charging Cell Phones

Well, you must be thinking that charging a phone is not a diamond digging task because all you need is to have a compatible charger, an electric board, and of course, a cell phone. Swap your old charging habits with the amazing to-do charging list given below.

Let’s dive in.

  • Charge Your Cell Phones With Orignal Chargers

Don’t use any charger for recharging your mobile phones because not every career is compatible with every mobile; use the charger that comes along with your phone.

  • Don’t Over Charge Your Mobile Phones.

Overcharging your phone can affect your mobile battery life badly; try to unplug your cell charger to avoid overcharging, so from now make a habit of unplugging your charger once it reaches 100%

  • Don’t Charge Your Phone Rapidly

Many people keep recharging their phones rapidly so they can use them 24/7, which technically is wrong because everything in this world is designed with some capacities and capabilities, so recharging phones, again and again, will make them weaker.

  • Don’t Charge Your Phone While Using.

Using your mobile phone while charging is hazardous because it won’t only affect the battery life of your cell phone but will also result in heating up the cellphones that ultimately result in a blast.

Many physical and online stores are selling phone chargers, but if you want to buy a reliable charger at an affordable price, then store one is the perfect option for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Which USB cable do you use for charging your cell phone? Let us know your answer in the comment section.

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