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Where To Buy And How To Use Online Android Tv Box

Where To Buy And How To Use Online Android Tv Box

10 Sep 2021

Where To Buy And How To Use Online Android Tv Box, Being a 90’s kid was all about swiping between the 55 or 99 numbers of TV channels just to watch our favorite shows. The childhood holidays and vacations were all about waking up early in the morning in order to watch our favorite cartoon. I still remember the days when having a TV remote on hand was considered a bossy task. Storeone provides the Best Electronic Accessories in Pakistan.

Though living in the 21st century, where everything revolves around the internet, don’t you think cable Tv is a bit old-fashioned? Umm yes!! They are, but why am I asking this to you? What if I say you can access the internet and watch all your favorite Netflix shows, movies, and web series on Tv. Am I Kidding?? Umm, of course not, because android television boxes enable you to access the internet.

Living in a technological era where everything revolves around the internet has made Online android TV boxes a popular topic for discussion. Swapping from one TV channel to another just for watching your favorite TV show is indeed a time and effort-consuming process. Isn’t it the best idea to make your TV a gateway to access the internet for watching unlimited TV shows, movies and play your favorite games? Moreover, if you are a sports lover, then you can watch live streaming of cricket, football, hockey, and other sport games.

How To plug Android Tv Box With Any Tv

Android TV box is not brand conscious, which means it is compatible with any tv brand that supports HDMI cable, So either you are using Samsung tv, or your tv is from sony android tv box goes well on any television. 

You can make your tv access the internet by following these simple steps. Let’s get started.

  1. Buy an android tv box. You can buy the android tv box in Pakistan at a reasonable price from storeone
  2. Search for the HDMI port on your tv
  3. Plugin the android tv box to tv via HDMI cable
  4. Turn on the android tv box
  5. Connect to Wifi or ethernet by changing the box connectivity setting.

Tip: If your internet router is placed near the tv, then it’s better to connect the tv via ethernet for a strong and reliable connection.

Where to Buy Best Android Tv Box In Pakistan

There are many physical and online stores available in the market that offer Buy android tv boxes, but before buying it, do these simple steps.

  • Before buying anything online, it’s important to check for reviews.
  • Check if the company offers a warranty.
  • Features you want from the android tv box.
  • Compare the price from different platforms.

If you want a reliable android tv box at an affordable price, then store one is a perfect place to make your purchase.

How To Watch Tv Channels With Android Tv Box?

Give me a standing ovation. Why? Because I read your mind, which is tickling the following questions.

  • Can I watch tv channels with an online android tv box?
  • How many tv channels are available?
  • Are there any apps for watching tv channels?
  • If I need to pay extra for watching tv channels on tv with an Buy android tv box?

The series of these never-ending questions goes on and on. But worry not because the answers for all these questions are simply a big loud Yes because with the “Tv Player” app you can watch your favorite tv shows by swapping between the channels.

Is Android Tv Box Compatible for downloading movies?

The answer to this question is a big YES! Because android tv is just like your smartphone with a bigger screen where users can enjoy both lives and downloaded tv shows and movies.

Note: Downloading features are all dependent on the apps and version that a user is using, which means that android devices are not responsible for the downloading features. And the entire game of downloaded movies, games, and shows revolves around the premium subscription.

Are Android Box And Smart Tv Same?

Well, you can consider both of them the same because the functions of both the android box and smart Tv are alike. The only difference between the smart tv and the android box is that a person with an android box can download and use more apps than a person with a smart tv.

Why Android Tv Box is A Must Buy Item?

We are living in a world of the internet; from studies to buying utilities, everything is revolving around the internet. Android tv box is a central junction for using all internet resources. Buy Online Android Tv box enables you to

  • Watch movies, web series, and other tv shows.
  • Play unlimited Hd games.
  • Manage social media platforms using tv.
  • Perform multi-task
  • Watch live streaming tv shows.
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