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Which Are the Best Earbuds To Buy?

Which Are the Best Earbuds To Buy?

17 Sep 2021

Which Are The Best Earbuds To Buy In Pakistan?

Are you looking for new earbuds because old ones are not working? Then you should check out some of the cheapest yet best earbuds for you. You might be thinking it's funny that you can get high-quality Earbuds without spending a huge amount of money. Well, it’s truly more than it’s funny because it is possible.


The old times!

There were times when people used to have those wired earphones and I assume some people still have those but the only bad thing about them was that you never know when they will stop working. Or just in case if you have a cat, you can’t keep wired earphones safe. It’s a toy for cats and they love to play with it.


But since we are moving towards a better and digital world, everyone wants to have durable and long-lasting things. Anyways, where were we? Oh, the earbuds I see. So my question will remain the same, till the end of this blog just to know your opinion about earbuds.


Where to buy earbuds?

There are so many different kinds of earbuds in the market right now and sometimes I get overwhelmed while choosing a perfect set of earbuds for myself. However, I used to shop from a physical market but since the global pandemic began I have switched to online shopping. Initially, I thought it was not a good idea because I didn’t know the pros and cons of online shopping but recently even after the pandemic has ended, I am kind of liking it.


Keep an eye on details!

You have to keep an eye on every little detail while shopping online because you never know when you will get tricked by a fraudulent scheme and I guess that’s a vital thing to keep in mind. There are still some online stores that offer good quality products and they are scam-free so you can trust them. For instance, when I came across storeone, I was not sure whether I should shop from it or not but when i gave it a shot, I know that it's not a scam. You need to try something before passing a judgment. You will never know what’s right and what’s not until and unless you shop from it.


Before we talk about some good quality earbuds, I guess we should know the qualities of earbuds. If you know the qualities, it will be easy for you to choose a perfect set of earbuds and you won’t get overwhelmed like me.


Features to be considered!

Finding a good set of earphones or earbuds can be most difficult as compared to finding earbuds in general. There are many factors you need to consider before making a purchase. Following are the features or qualities you should consider before buying a pair of earphones or earbuds.



Many people prefer comfort over anything because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable while wearing a pair of earbuds. It’s the same as if you wear heavy jewelry. It looks good but your ears start itching. Therefore; you should always consider comfort as a factor. Comfortable earbuds are everything anyone would want. This also includes the sound pressure that can cause ear fatigue. Some poor-quality earbuds have very bad sound quality. And it can cause ear damage too. So if you are going to buy earbuds, always ensure comfort.


Sound quality

As I said above, the sound quality matters. What’s the purpose of earbuds if you can’t listen or hear any sound perfectly without any interruption? A great sonic experience is needed when you buy a good pair of earbuds.



Last but not least is durability. There are many expensive earbuds that won’t last longer than a month and on the other hand, there are many cheap earbuds that can last for more than a year. So what would you prefer? Cheap or expensive? However, you have to check these features yourself but still, it’s not a bad idea to try some less costly earbuds. You won’t be wasting much money on that!

Apart from all the qualities and features, I would like to add something here that might not be relevant to the topic but don’t use earbuds on high volume especially when you are driving. Avoid it if you can because most of the accidents happen due to negligence.


Some of the best earbuds!

Now that we know the qualities of a good pair of earbuds, let’s move on to some best quality yet less costly earbuds.  However, the final choice would be yours but before making any decision, check out some of these best earbuds on the list.


Lenovo XT90 True Wireless Earbuds 5.0V (ORIGINAL)

First on the list are these Lenovo Xt90 earbuds. come with various interesting features like low power consumption, fast connection, lower gameplay delay, high-speed transmission efficiency, picture synchronization, and clear audio along with Bluetooth 5.0 chip. It has a 13mm dynamic speaker to allow you to enjoy surrounding 3D music. Other than that it adopts an excellent dual-processing chip with the use of which both earphones can be connected right after the mobile phone transmits the signal. In addition, Lenovo XT90 has long-lasting battery life with a large-capacity charging box.


NIA-NB710 Bluetooth Earbuds With Touch Sensor

Moving onto NIA-NB710 Bluetooth earbuds with touch sensor. A good quality speaker that provides excellent sound. It has a voice assistant and if you want to experience comfort and stability you should definitely get these!


Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170

Who is not familiar with Samsung galaxy buds? These cute little buds have a capacity of 45 mAh with a range of 66 feet. All that at an affordable price!


Xiaomi Haylou GT1 PRO TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

With solid sound quality and 25 hours of battery life, you would surely like to get your hands on these Xiaomi Haylou Bluetooth earbuds. These buds can last for around 4 hours on one charge and the charging case can charge earbuds for extra 6 times. With 4 battery life LED indicators on the Charging case. So what else do you need?

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