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Which Is Best Portable Power Bank For Traveling

Which Is Best Portable Power Bank For Traveling

17 Sep 2021

Which Is Best Portable Power Bank For Traveling

You are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dying phone, the only thing that can rescue you is a good quality power bank! Could this situation be any more frightening? No, not the Power Bank part but before that part. Anyways. We all have been there at some point in our lives and that’s okay. Some of us did not have these back then. In fact, many of us did not have it.

It has not been so long since these little rescuers showed up and made our lives easy. I remember once I was stuck somewhere and my phone died. There was no phone booth or phone available maybe because it was a remote area. I somehow spent that day and when I got back home, the very thing I ordered was a portable battery bank! Yes. you read it right! It was the most important thing for me at that time because I was traveling too much back then. Storeone provides the best mobile accessories in Pakistan.



How does it make your life easy?

Having a portable battery bank makes your life so much better but before buying one, you should look for certain things in a power bank that makes it different and long-lasting. First things first are the quality of the product and brand. Buy a product that is durable just like it's expensive.

Some people often waste their money on the most bizarre things but when it comes to important things, they refuse to spend an extra penny.


Important things to look for while buying it

Let’s talk about some of the important things you should look for before buying a portable power bank. This might give you an idea about quality. Following are the things you should pay attention to;


Milliamp mAh

mAh is the capacity that your power bank is willing to kick out to charge your phone. The amount of it determines how much charge you can get with your power bank. Different power banks have different capacities and the most common capacity is about 2,000 mAh and the most can be around 20,000 mAh.

Just keep one thing in mind, which device you need to charge with your power bank. Some power banks work 4 to 5 times a day with 20,000 mAh capacity.


Size and Weight

The next thing to consider would be the size and weight. A power bank is designed to be portable so that you can carry it with you. Otherwise, there is no point in carrying one. You can charge your phone with chargers too, just need to find a socket for that! Therefore; before buying a power bank, always check out the size and weight and see if you can carry it around in your bag while traveling.



The main thing to keep in mind is that your battery bank needs charging too! So it can charge your cell phone and other devices. This is called input charging. Input charging speed depends on the wall charger you are using. Different wall chargers have different inputs such as 1A, 2A, 2.4A.


Some of the best power banks for traveling

Since we have talked about the specifications of a power bank, I think we need to move forward and talk about some of them.  You might want to get one for your devices!


Remax 10000mah Rpp-255 White

Let’s start with this remix battery bank that has a capacity of 10,000 mAh.If you need a temporary power bank, this can be your thing because it can charge your phone a couple of times in a day easily. If you need a power bank with high capacity, you can still keep this one in the list. Just in case.


Romoss SENSE 4S Mini 10000mah

Next, we have a romoss with the same capacity of 10,000 mAh. The good thing about this power bank is that it has dual input and output. It is equipped with Type-C (5V/2.1A) input and Micro USB (5V/2.1A) input; you can recharge this battery bank through either of these inputs. With dual USB output (5V/1A and 5V/2.1A) can charge two devices at one time.

Other than that it has a built-in intelligent safety system that ensures complete protection for you and your devices, including over-heat, over-charge, over-current, over-discharge, and short-circuits protection.

It is a dust-proof and fire-retardant alloy plastic shell with portable size, easy to hold in your hand and carry in your pocket or purse. 4 LED lights indicate battery level.


Romoss Sense 9 25000 mAh Portable

Another romoss battery bank but with a capacity of 25,000 mAh. All the specifications are the same except the capacity and model of this cute little portable power bank. If you need something with high capacity, you can go for this one!


Mi Redmi Bank 20000 mAh

I have heard that Mi devices are good, however; I did not get a chance to use one but I am looking forward to it. So this power bank with the capacity of 20,000 mAh can easily be carried around if you are traveling. It has multilayer protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, reset protection input over-voltage protection, input reverse polarity protection, output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection. So what else do you need?


Proda 10000mah

If we talk about proda power bank, it has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It is one of a kind due to its design. It has a diamond check pattern with an exquisite look. You can charge two devices at a time with its two USB ports. Other than that it has an emergency backup battery used to charge your mobile device anytime and anywhere.


Anker Astro E5-6000mah

Moving onto Anker Astro E5 with a capacity of 6000 mAh. It can be the best option for your smartphones. It charges the phone fast and quickly and is durable. Besides, its size and weight are great for carrying it while traveling.

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