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Why Do You Need Surveillance Cameras?

Why Do You Need Surveillance Cameras?

10 Sep 2021

There’re many security issues today. Whether at home or in your office. You need to monitor every single action because you never know if the person you let in your house or office is trusted enough or not.

Security Cameras, Public Safety, Or Invading Privacy?

We should always be one step ahead. And how would you do that? With surveillance cameras! But who is going to decide if the installation of surveillance cameras is a need or public harassment? Because we don’t know how many people operate surveillance without any valid justification. Surveillance cameras in public places are a need of this era because we can monitor an incident before it takes place, or God forbid even if it happens, surveillance cameras easily recognize the culprits with high-resolution images and videos.

Types of Surveillance Cameras

There are two categories of surveillance cameras. Indoor security cameras and Outdoor security cameras. And within these categories, you can have different subcategories of security cameras. Such as; wired and wireless indoor cameras, wired and wireless outdoor cameras, wire-free outdoor cameras, floodlight cameras, and video doorbells.

As everything has its pros and cons, surveillance cameras, too, have advantages and disadvantages. And in the following content, we will talk about them. Plus we will find out some of the features every security camera should have and where to get a good security camera!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Security Cameras!

  • Having surveillance at your workplace keeps your employees productive.
  • You can resolve disputes quicker because you have proof with the CCTV footage.
  • It makes your life much easier because it monitors everything.
  • Surveillance cameras at public places ensure the security of the public.
  • Footages from the surveillance cameras are the best tool in an investigation.
  • It is safe to have surveillance in your home, too.
  • A security camera intrudes on the privacy of individuals.
  • Your employees might think they are not being trusted.
  • People don’t like when their privacy is being invaded while installing surveillance cameras in a housing society.
  • We don’t know who operates some of the surveillance cameras.
  • Last but not least. It may cost you a little too much.

Is IP Video Surveillance A Good Choice?

A good security camera system depends on the quality just like this IP Video Surveillance Storeone has on its website. It has intelligent color night vision with IP66 waterproof function. It has a 1080P dual lens. This is an indoor security camera with a fully upgraded 5dBi wifi antenna. It has three modes of intelligent and automatic night vision. Plus it is waterproof so you can install it outside your main door and don’t worry about the rain.

How About WiFI Security Camera With A Triple Antenna?

And if you don’t want it the storeone has other options for you like this WiFi security camera with a triple antenna! This IP camera uses a high-quality glass lens, it has a clear vision to view through your smartphone anytime, anywhere! It has a 1/2.5’ color CMOS sensor and 1,000k pixels. It can support a 32GB TF card and you can record anything permanently. All the security cameras should have these features otherwise there is no point to install a camera in your homes or offices?

The good thing about getting these from storeone is that it is a trusted online shopping website and you can get everything at an affordable price at your doorsteps.

Security is the first and foremost thing when it comes to family and work. So make sure you have everything to secure yourself and your surroundings!

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